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IAEA & Iran

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) was established to promote safe, secure and peaceful nuclear power. The IAEA reports annually to the UN General Assembly and even to the Security Council regarding non-compliance by States with their safeguards obligations.

In 2002, the IAEA grew concerned about developments in Iran and began to question Iranian assurances that its nuclear activities were of a peaceful nature and to seek access to sites where Iran was suspected of enrichment activities.


The entire world seems to agree that Iran should not be allowed to develop nuclear weapons, and since few desire a military intervention, the international community has opted to levy economic sanctions on the Islamic Republic to put them in a situation where a choice must be made between continuing their nuclear program or watching their country, economy, and citizens suffer.

Unfortunately - and for a myriad of reasons - the sanctions regime has done little to deter Iran from its nuclear ambitions.


Since the discovery of Iran's covert nuclear weapons program, the international community has used negotiations to try and convince Iran to end the project. A variety of incentives have been offered to the Iranians, all of which recognizing Iran's right to pursue a nuclear option for peaceful purposes.

The hope continues to be that a diplomatic agreement will forestall the need to impose harsher sanctions on Iran or the necessity of a military option to forcefully stop Iran from developing a nuclear bomb.